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Antique Quilts

Great Quilt ideas start with Great Quilts from Feathered Farm Quilts!

Vintage & Antique Quilts for Sale

We sustainably source our Vintage and Antique quilts from all across the US. Our hope is that you will consider adding one of our quilts to your collection whether you are just starting out collecting or have been collecting for many years. 

So many to choose from!

There are thousands of different quilt designs that have been made over several centuries.


So many different quilts!

Joseph’s Coat

Red Shields


Dog’s Tooth


Triangle Mosaic

Ocean Waves

Thousands of Triangles

Wild Goose Chase

Fence Row Quilt

Quips Dart


Antique & Vintage Quilts

Happy Clients

“I really enjoyed looking through so many Quilts. I found one that I really Love!”

“So unique! Feathered Farm Quilts was so easy to deal with.”

“The Vintage Quilts are just beautiful! I could’nt make up my mind on a few quilts, so I bought 3 Quilts! Thank you Feathered Farm Quilts.”

Feathered Farm Quilts

Great Quilt Ideas start with Great Quilts from Feathered Farm Quilts.

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